RS Series Worm Gearbox

The RS Series of worm gearboxes are specifically designed to provide the perfect solution for applications that require medium or small energy ratings to drive.

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Main Components

  • Housing and covers in die-cast aluminum (till size 85) and grey cast iron (sizes 110, 130, and 150)
  • Worm wheel in bronze
  • Bearings with a ball or conical roller
  • Input flanges in die cast aluminium
  • Motor flexible coupling
  • Gears in cemented and hardened alloy steel
  • Support hub in grey cast iron
  • Synthetic oil for lifetime lubrication of the gears
  • Worm shaft in alloy steel


  • Low maintenance and management costs
  • Modular concept
  • An extended lifetime with excellent reliability
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Long life lubrication
  • Versatility of use
Special Solutions

For Application Sectors

  • Silicone, Viton, or special seals for high/low temperatures and the food & beverage sector
  • Anodization for chemical and ship-building/marine sectors
  • Special lubricants for high/low temperatures and the food & beverage sector
  • Non-standard breather plugs for high/low temperatures
  • Special paint finishes for chemical, ship-building/marine, and food & beverage sector
  • ATEX version for potentially explosive environments

For Nema e servo motors

  • Flanges and couplings for servomotors
  • Output holes in inches
  • Input couplings for NEMA motors